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1884 Collection Jewelry

Rosa Collection

In 1884, a Roman family started creating jewelry that encompassed the ideals of faultless craftsmanship, inimitable style and smoldering passion.

More than a century later, those ideals hold steady as 1884 Collection, named for that momentous year, has gained fame and a following. Designer Alberto Petochi, a scion of the jewelers, fell in love with jewelry as a child, spending countless hours in his family’s workshops. He is now following his childhood dreams and fulfilling his passion for jewelry, design, style, philanthropy and Italian history.

For Alberto, an afternoon spent in the shadows of the Trevi Fountain formed “the wish” that inspired and solidified the collection. Based on ancient Roman coins—a signature motif of the brand— that have been passed down from generation to generation, the 1884 Collection tangibly captures the palpable history of the antique currency.

The names of the collections are an integral part of the inspiration and were chosen to distinguish and reflect the redeeming characteristic of each piece.

For example, the Rosa Collection, named for the Garden of Roses in Rome, features colorful sapphire, diamond and emerald beads. Each piece, anchored in thoughtful design by an ancient Roman coin, reminds the wearer of the opulent ancient Roman galas which would end with rose petals being showered from the canopy onto the festivities below.

Launched in 2012, the 1884 Collection continues to expand, adding exciting new styles. For collectors, owning an 1884 Collection jewel adds a touch of breathtaking beauty to your wildest wishes.


Bringing ancient Rome to life, this black diamond strand with 18K gold bezel features a large coin boasting Alexander the Great’s likeness ($15,220).


Revel in the glory of Rome with these 18K rose gold earrings studded with one-of-a-kind original coins, stamped with the profiles of an emperor and empress. The coins descend from azure blue agates, almost as if Neptune, the god of the sea, was blessing the rulers ($2,980).


This 44-inch strand, festooned with pearls, seven small Ottaviano coins and sterling silver bezels, conjoins Audrey Hepburn-esque elegance with Cleopatra-like allure ($2,250).


Named for the strategically placed Via Appia in ancient Rome, this compilation draws upon the history of the travelers that passed through its well-worn cobblestone paths. Studded with engravings of Roman emperors, these necklaces bring the power of the empire’s most powerful rulers to dazzling light (small Ottaviano coin with 18K gold bezel on 18-inch sterling silver chain: $440; medium Antoninus Pius coin with 18K gold bezel on 18-inch sterling silver chain: $660; large Alexander the Great coin with 18K gold bezel on a 36-inch sterling silver chain: $1,820).


These multicolored sterling silver and leather bracelets are studded with small Ottaviano coins, making each the perfect accessory for modern dressing with a touch of vintage appeal ($240 each).

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