Golden Dragons are a Girl’s Best Friend

Golden Dragon on BlackIf run of the mill diamonds are a girl’s best friend, The Golden Dragon would have to be Best Friend’s

Forever. The Golden Dragon, one of the world’s rarest andmost spectacular Natural Color Diamonds, will be unveiled May 3 by The One and Only One. The Rhomboid-Shaped Fancy Vivid Yellow

Diamond of over 90 carats will be available by appointment only at the company’s select
locations nationwide.

The Golden Dragon is accompanied by a letter from the Gemological Institute

of America stating that it is the largest Rhomboid diamond certified to
date by the GIA.* The GIA is also publishing a rare hardbound monograph on
The Golden Dragon’s grading and provenance.

The price of the diamond is available upon request.

“The Golden Dragon’s large size, rare Rhomboid shape, and mystical yellow
color set it above any Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond we have seen before,”
said Joe Padulo, CEO of Padulo Privé, an adviser to elite jewelers and
luxury brands. “Whether the buyer creates a bespoke masterpiece or
treasures the diamond in its unmounted state, he or she will bask in the
glow of its increasing value,” he added.

The name Golden Dragon was inspired in part by the Chinese Qianlong
Emperor, who reigned from 1735 to 1796 during “The Golden Age of Three
Emperors.” The term “Golden” refers to the vibrant yellow color of the
diamond itself, as well as the yellow silk vestments worn in the royal
court. In the Chinese culture yellow is associated with royalty; it also
symbolizes abundance from the earth.

The dragon is a traditional symbol of power. Last year, 2012, the year in
which the diamond was completed and certified, was The Year of The Dragon
in the Chinese lunar calendar. The Golden Dragon’s rare Rhomboid shape is
said to mimic the head of a dragon; it is a cut that was experimented with
as far back as the 18th century.

“We are experiencing unprecedented international demand for important Fancy
Color Diamonds as investors look to diversify portfolios and preserve
capital,” continued Padulo. “The rare 90+ carat Golden Dragon is almost
mythical in its beauty and power.a yellow diamond of the quality once only
available to royalty,” he added.

*To arrange an appointment to view The Golden Dragon, please complete the
Request for Private Appointment application at