Jewelmer Joaillerie Showcases Pearl Stud Earrings

Fine jewelry maker and purveyor of the golden South Sea pearl, Jewelmer Joaillerie has always considered its pearl stud earrings a foundation of its jewelry line and a must-have in every woman’s jewelry collection.

Jewelmer Joaillerie’s Les Classiques collection of black, white and gold pearl stud earrings that range from 9 to 16 millimeters in size are classically designed to allow the pearl’s natural beauty to shine through. Historically cited as the world’s earliest gem, pearls have been adorning women for thousands of years to present day and they have made their appearance throughout time. They are found in cultural references, such as the well-known painting Girl with a Pearl Earring by the Dutch artist Johannes Vemeer in 1665. They are important fashion references as seen on style icons Coco Chanel, Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy, who all adored wearing pearls, to the latest It celebrities on the Red Carpet.

Always timeless and classy, pearl stud earrings complement both casual and formal outfits for day or night. As a gift, they are perfect for a special lady to give on occasions. For Christening and graduation presents, classic white 10-millimeter pearl stud earrings are a perfect match for young girls. For a loved one’s anniversary or Valentine present, bold black 12-millimeter pearl stud earrings are sexy and romantic. For a wedding gift or for the birth of a new baby, the rare gold 12-millimeter pearl stud earrings are the perfect pearls a wife would treasure and wear fondly.

There is no rule to wearing pearl stud earrings other than according to the wearer’s fancy. They complement a crisp white shirt and jeans, business attire or a little black dress. They look incredible with several strands of pearl necklaces or worn alone. No matter how they are styled, Jewelmer Joaillerie’s pearl stud earrings will never fail in adding understated elegance and polish to your look.

Jewelmer Joaillerie’s pearl stud earrings are a timeless investment through its Perfect Match, Perfect Pearls promotion. Whenever you buy a pair of pearl stud earrings at any of its 13 boutiques nationwide from now until September 30, 2014, you will receive a special 20% rebate on your next purchase at Jewelmer Joaillerie.

(Source: Jewelmer Joaillerie)