It’s Ready, Set, Action For The Debut of the Greenwich International Film Festival

The 2013 Film Festival Survey by Stephen Fellows identified some 3,000 festivals that have been active at least the past two years.  He found 9,706 that had at least a one time run in the past 15 years.  Further, of some 500 film festival directors who responded to his survey only three percent said they make steady profits.


Nevertheless the Greenwich International Film Festival (GIFF) in the tony Connecticut hedge fund haven is scheduled for June 4-7, 2015. While clearly it is a competitive market and many film festivals struggle, the premise behind this one may in fact make a lot of sense.


“Just over five percent of movies made each year actually make it to a movie screen, and the business models that helped the independent film world flourish over the last 25 years have changed dramatically,” notes a brochure promoting the new entry.


Kathryn Minckler, who also chairs the Connecticut-Hudson Valley branch of The Luxury Marketing Council and is a consultant, says the festival’s location will enable filmmakers to show their films to folks who have the wherewithal to finance them while doing some high end hobnobbing.


Screenings and events, indoors and outdoors, will all take place in walking distance of each other.  For those familiar, venues will include Bow Tie Cinemas, Roger Sherman Baldwin Park, L’Escale, Arch Street and locations along Greenwich Avenue. Over 25 films are expected to be screened.


Minckler highlighted “the power of film to serve the greater good” underscoring GIFF’s goal of enabling filmmakers to meet the money they need to bring their messages to the masses.


Sponsorships are expected to account for 45 percent of GIFF’s operating budget, so Minckler is busy soliciting partners.  There will also be VIP passes ranging from single $1,500 Greenwich Passes to The Founder’s Pass $25,000 for two.


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