Impossibly Beautiful Imperfection by Goldhenn Jewelry

Bold, unique and outrageously beautiful -precisely because of its natural imperfection.  Goldhenn Jewelry’s Meraki Collection delivers a shot of pure adrenaline to Fall fashion’s dusky hues and lush velvets and brocades. Singular stone, rustic diamond, tourmaline and fancy sapphire rings and pendants flash with light; evocative of a startling beauty made all the more so by their organic and “raw” vibe.  Imperfection has never been so  perfect.

A burnished 18K gold reliquary setting showcases the luscious green tourmaline of this extraordinary pendant.  Dimension of pendant is approximately ¾” by 1″, on a 24″ 18K yellow gold chain.

$3300 MSRP

A mix of precious metals and a pink sapphire the color of dawn makes for magnificence.

18K gold reliquary setting, sitting regally on an oxidized sterling silver shank.

$2800 MSRP

Keep an eye on rising star Meaghan Hennelly, and the extraordinary, unique jewelry that defines Goldhenn Jewelry – the ultimate expression that celebrates the woman known for her confidence and discerning sense of style.

(Source: Goldhenn Jewelry)