Friday Night Explorations in New York City

DiamondsFinding diamonds is often futile work in remote and hard conditions.  Even with modern technology mining diamonds is still a labor of hard work, searching and discovery, not always with positive results, hence rarity of the stone.

Indian-American designer Waris Alhuwalia is known for his love of ancient kingdoms and history. With that in mind, it was probably appropriate that Forevermark, the diamond brand of De Beers, selected The Explorers Club in New York City as the venue to show off their newly released collaboration with House of Waris.

Waris, who with his proud mother on hand, screened a seven minute movie chronicling his first trip to a diamond mine, something he said gave him deeper appreciation for his craft.

Forevermark President Charles Stanley ensured a plentiful supply of martinis for a Friday night call to work, and the venue provided a most interesting opportunity to view some of New York’s gems, The Explorers Club itself, set in a historic townhouse, and of course diamond jewelry from Waris.

As it happened I was seated across from club President Alan Nichols and his wife Betsy.  With the good looks of an Astronaut and the charm of a Senator, I learned that while he easily fit into our Upper East Side Manhattan setting, his preferred venue was more rugged terrain where he has been searching for the tomb of Genghis Kahn.

He pointed out for me framed club flags adorning the walls of our dining room (a scene straight out of Hogwarts School) that had been to the bottom on the Marianas Trench, the top of Mount Everest, the South Pole and on the Moon, taken of course by club members.

Forevermark is the house pick of diamonds mined by De Beers with the promise “exceptional in every way, with pure white color, immaculate clarity, and super craftsmanship that result in a dazzling brilliance of stunning beauty.”

When one considers the passion of explorers, Waris’ “Light Emanating from Heart,” a pendant featuring a 14.58 carat oval Forevermark diamond with “cosmic spokes of pave radiating from the center” provided an appropriate center piece for an interesting evening.