Caruso: In Menswear, Do as the Italians Do


Caruso summons all the fans of men’s sartorial fashion to demonstrate in favor of Made-in-Italy.

The initiative, which originates from an idea of lifestyler Sergio Colantuoni, took place during the four days of Pitti Uomo, a crucial meeting point for specialists and a source of the culture of cosmopolitan fashion.

It is no longer enough to be manufactured in Italy to display the made-in-Italy label legitimately and to use this image promoter vis-à-vis the international consumers, but you also need to be “loved by the Italians”.

Caruso, the sartorial menswear brand established in Soragna, in the province of Parma, in 1958 and manufactured since then in the same industrial premises, is one of the favorite brands of Italian men, as sales results demonstrate also for 2012. This is how the slogan in all languages on the billboards of the Caruso testimonials attending the ground floor of Fortezza da Basso during the 4 days of the show should be interpreted.

From all parts of the planet, Jean Baptiste from Paris, Ji-Huan from Seoul, Ricky from Los Angeles, Tao from Shanghai, Pedro from Buenos Aires, and Fefe’ from Naples, each one with his own temperament and passions, demand the sartorial menswear manufactured by Caruso, like the most menswear-focused Italians, and only wear the garments conceived for each of them by Sergio Colantuoni.

Six customized wardrobes were created for the F/W 2014 season, capable to satisfy the most diverse needs of elegant consumers. Coats, jackets, capes, shirts, pants, belts, waistcoats, cardigans, neckties – all from CARUSO.

Only a flash is provided in Florence…but the 6 full wardrobes are available at Casa Caruso in Milan.And if you run into one of these figures in town or on the train to Milan,don’t be surprised, perhaps take a photo of them, but forward the message: the catchphrase is: “IN MENSWEAR DO AS THE ITALIANS DO”.