AltaRomAltaModa Shows The Real Meaning of Made-In-Italy

AltaRomAltaModa fashion week

The XXII edition of AltaRomAltaModa fashion week took place between 26-29 January, revealing the exceptional values of design and craftsmanship which define “Made-in-Italy”.

The fashion week was a burst of creativity across the city’s hotspots, unveiling craftsmanship, small shops and ateliers which still preserve the immense skills and artistry which have built the city’s reputation for millennia.

Curated by Silvia Venturini Fendi, President of AltaRoma, the event has been described as the “Resurgence of Rome With Art and Craft”, the ideal starting point for the fashion week. Aside from the well-established names of historic fashion houses including Sarli Couture, Curiel, Balestra, the collections of other international brands were also on show. Among the special projects was “Limited/Unlimited”, presenting limited edition luxurious garments, footwear, accessories and jewelry. Also on show was “Room Service”, a new way of presenting a selection of Made-in-Italy collections by talented designers, and the platform “Artisanal Intelligence” was conceived to unite art, craftsmanship and fashion in the name of Made-in-Italy.

Over the course of the week the city was animated by fashion performances, installations, store openings and gala dinners. The results surpassed expectations as people encountered this new approach to fashion and craftsmanship, suspended between innovation, tradition and experimentation.