Enjoy A Personalized Bottle Of The Glenlivet This Holiday Season

From humble beginnings spring legends. In 1824, George Smith, a young man from a farming family in northern Scotland, struck out boldly to build a whisky distillery on the nearby River Livet. He did so with an audacious vision: of creating a whisky so superior it would become the standard against which all other whiskies would one day be compared.

To realize this dream, he fought wild terrain and devastating fire, battled harsh winters and defended against hostile smugglers. Turning disaster into opportunity, Smith confidently named his spirit for the icy-cold, crystalline waters of the River Livet, the “smooth-flowing one.” Nearly two hundred years later, it is clear his tenacity prevailed.

The Glenlivet now enjoys a worldwide legacy as the Single Malt that started it all. Over the years, others have tried to capture the whisky’s legendary smoothness, but to no avail. As foretold by Smith, its rich elegance and subtle complexity of character have indeed established it as a barometer of quality.

This holiday season presents a unique opportunity to gift the incomparable legacy of The Glenlivet to those friends and colleagues of similarly irrepressible spirit. And now, you may personalize a bottle of The Glenlivet 15, 18, 21 or 25 Year Old with a complimentary custom engraving.

Simply choose your expression on and inform us of the name or message you would like engraved on the bottle’s side. Order soon so that you can have your bottle in time for the holidays. Then, when everyone else is still shopping, the only thing you will have to worry about is whether or not the recipient of your fine gift has appropriate enough glassware. Sláinte.

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(Source: The Glenlivet)