Muzo Emeralds Take Centre Stage in Emily H London’s Debut Collection

earrings_Emerald has officially been named the colour of 2013, and with its debut collection, fine jewellery house Emily H London displays the shade at its finest.

Using stones mined from Muzo, Columbia, otherwise know as  ‘la capital mundial de la esmeralda’ (Emerald World Capital), the Eve of Milady collection frames 6 and 8 carat Emeralds with sparkling diamonds, perfectly offsetting the deep green hue of the Muzo gems.

The collection features a pair of gorgeous drop earrings and a show-stopping ring, both square cut in an art deco style, perfectly merging 2013’s Emerald trend with the current fascination with Gatsby fashion.

For over five centuries, the mines of Muzo have produced the world’s finest Emeralds. Due to their low levels of iron impurities, a feature unique to Emeralds of the area, the stones boast an unrivalled intensity of colour saturation and shining fluorescence, giving the jewel an inner glow.

Emily H London has chosen to source their Emeralds from Muzo in keeping with their commitment to ethically mined and responsibly sourced stones. The fine jewelry house prides itself on exclusively using ethically sourced jewels in their designs, and has created the 8C Foundation which encourages jewellery designers and dealers to observe not just the industry recognized four C’s (cut, carat, clarity and color), but also four additional C’s; comprehension, co-operation, compassion and co-ordination.

The Eve of Milady Ring retails at £49,000 and the earrings at £54,900.