Dior Homme Collaborates with Artist Toru Kamei

By Olivia Cuccaro

This summer, floral prints have made their way into stylish menswear collections. French fashion house Dior has tapped Japanese artist Toru Kamei as the inspiration for its new Dior Homme summer line.

Designed by Kris Van Assche, the Dior Homme summer collection features an exclusive artistic collaboration with Kamei, known for his botanical still life paintings. The floral motifs have made been recreated as jacquard patches, photo transfers and badge pins to adorn Dior Homme tailoring, shirting, denim, footwear and leathergoods.

The design expertise of Van Assche paired with Kamei’s floral works make for a summer collection that’s punk-rock chic with a rebellious air about it.

See below for a preview of the Dior Homme x Toru Kamei summer collection, now available in Dior boutiques.

Dior Homme backpack in darklight vanité canvas and black calfskin leather,

Dior Homme backpack in black branded calfskin with vanité patches,

Dior Homme lace-up high-top sneaker in vanité canvas,

Dior Homme darklight vanité canvas slip-on,

Dior Homme jacket with all-over vanité print in black nylon,

Dior Homme shirt with embroidered vanité patches in black cotton,