Charriol Comes Full Circle

In a time where the large luxury brands are all active in line extensions of their products, Charriol stands among the few that have a long history across various categories from jewelry to watches and spanning to leather goods, including belts and handbags.  In the jewelry area, the brand pioneered the use of gold and steel cable as a decorative motif.



Amid all the success, St. Tropez has “always been the number one selling collection,” according to a brand representative at Swiss Watch by JCK in Las Vegas.  This year the watch that combines jewelry with an attached chain is empowering its female buyers.  The ability to choose both bracelet and clasp offers five selections in stainless steel and five more in rose gold.  For the clip there are six choices in each material, including a hear, the word love, the brand name, a ladybug, a seashell and the letter C.  Watches


Also new, the Colvmbvs Cintre Convexe comes full circle returning to its  rectangular shape to compliment the round case offerings introduced last year.    There is an elegant slight tapering lengthwise, however, for fans who prefer to oval look the nautically inspired watches are available both ways.