Carl F. Bucherer Announces Model Lisa Haydon as New Brand Ambassador

Lisa HaydonCarl F. Bucherer has announced Lisa Haydon, supermodel, actress and designer, as the new “Friend of the Brand”.

Sophisticated, confident and stylish, Haydon has many facets. Born in India, she spent the first 21 years of her life in Australia and the USA. From an early age, she always harbored the desire to be a model and actress. When she returned to India her dream became reality when she shot to overnight success as a supermodel.

Haydon is now forging ahead in her career with drive and purpose. Designers and fashion labels soon recognised the potential of this young woman. She has graced the catwalks of many famous brands at fashion shows and international events.

Versatile and stylish

Lisa Haydon is clearly enjoying her modelling career. Her radiant beauty has been captured on the covers of countless fashion magazines, both in India and around the globe. She has also gained recognition for her personal sense of style, which has already won her several awards.

Thanks to this style, she has been invited to contribute to a number of fashion magazines, giving readers tips on the latest trends and styles.

Haydon has also made a name for herself as an actress. She won her first role in the film “Aisha”, a story based on Jane Austen’s novel “Emma”.

With charm and personality

Along with her charm and charisma, Hayden’s success is also due to her strong sense of commitment and belief in herself. She has the self-confidence to follow her own path
and has recently launched her own fashion collection.

Lisa’s constant companions are watches from Carl F. Bucherer. During her travels around the globe, she loves to wear the Patravi TravelTec. For more glamorous occasions she chooses the Alacria Diva.

Like Haydon herself, this watch radiates personality and regal elegance. As a “Friend of the Brand”, the actress exudes the same charm and style as an Alacria watch, making her the perfect ambassador for the brand.

Carl F. Bucherer creates watches for people who are independent, confident and unafraid to go their own way in order to achieve their dreams. Just like Lisa Haydon.