Best Wine Clubs

By Lauren Jade Hill

As many wine connoisseurs could undoubtedly agree, when you fall for a particular variety, it can be tempting to reach for the same label time after time. But discovering new, lesser known grapes and estates can be even more satisfying, with the most outstanding wine clubs making exploring new varieties a breeze. We take a look at some of the best wine clubs to join for an enlightening year ahead.

Gold Wine Club


Gold Wine Club

The Gold Wine Club, which is encompassed within the Gold Club Series, is one of America’s most celebrated independent clubs for wine enthusiasts, and noted for showcasing exceptional award-winning boutique wines. Concentrating on family-owned Californian wineries, the club sends members two hard-to-find bottles each month, plus their publication, The Wine Press, which gives insight into each featured winery.

Wine of the Month Club

Having been established in 1972, the Wine of the Month Club is America’s oldest wine club. Hundreds of fine wines from Italy, Germany, Argentina, and beyond, are tasted to select the labels to be introduced to members that month. Membership packages range from the Classic Series, entitling members to two bottles per month, to the Cellar Series, which encompasses six wines each month, with recipes and cellaring suggestions included.