The 5 Best Rums in the World

Rum has come a long way since being part of a sailor’s daily ration. A drink that transports us to white sands and palm trees, we bring you the world’s best rum.

The Gran Reserva De La Familia Serralles, $1,865

screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-13-25-45Don Q marked its 150th anniversary of rum making with a very limited edition bottle, blending 20 year-old rums from its oldest warehouses, hand-selected by sixth-generation distiller Roberto Serralles. Founded in 1865 by Juan Serralles, he created the first casks of rum using a pot still imported from France and would later name the company after Don Quixote.

The special blend comes in a bespoke presentation box, specifically designed to be kept as a souvenir. The three-piece box is made of solid wood and includes an inset top panel with laser etched ink in-filled text, designed to replicate the barrels that aged the 20-year-old rum. The presentation box also includes a certificate of authenticity and brand history booklet.

Paying homage to the company’s birth year, only 1,865 bottles have been produced.

(Image: Instagram @donqrum)