Bentley Partners with Luxury Living Group to Offer State-­of-the-Art, Heirloom Quality Furniture

bentley home collection_Heritage motorcars brand Bentley has partnered with Luxury Living Group, an Italy-based maker and distributor of high-end furniture and décor to offer state-of-the-art, heirloom quality furniture.

The Bentley Home Collection will reflect the elegant, prestigious and recognizable style of Bentley through a range of exquisite modern furniture suitable for residential interiors, yachts, private jets, boardrooms and beyond.

The Luxury Living Group approach to crafting fine furnishings aligns perfectly with that of the venerable car company’s manufacturing practices. Both utilize best-in-class innovations and cutting-edge technical advances while adhering strictly to the principles of craftsmanship.

The result yields heirlooms pieces prized for high performance, decadent comfort and aesthetic prowess. A glimpse into the forthcoming collection is currently delighting a few privileged guests of the St Regis hotel in New York. There, The Bentley Suite superbly illustrates the Bentley lifestyle – a modern twist on the traditional élan of the British gentleman driver’s style — through the deft use of fine leathers, precious wood veneers and glinting metal. A limited presentation of the Bentley Home Collection received a warm reception at the Milan Furniture Fair in April and was showcased at this year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on August 18.

The entire line will be unveiled in January 2014 at Paris’ Maison et Object International. Thereafter, the collection will be represented at Luxury Living retail showrooms in Paris, Italy and the US.

Photos by Ian Merritt/Bentley Motors