City Dweller? How Pollution Affects Your Hair

By Vivian Kelly

While we love the glitz and glamour of city life, many of us know living in a city comes with its downfalls – one of those being pollution.

City pollution is a sure-fire way to induce premature aging, not just of the skin, but of our hair too. The shaft of the hair (i.e. the visible part) is ‘dead’, however, the part found in the hair follicle is very much alive, hence, why pollution can have such a detrimental effect on hair vitality.

Image: Shutterstock

Session hair stylist, represented by Premier Hair and Makeup, Tracie Cant says, ‘Many people aren’t aware of the effects pollution can have on the health of your hair. As city dwellers, we are confronted with the day to day immersion in a highly polluted atmosphere. This can have adverse effects, causing dehydration and possible long term damage on your hair.’

Toxic air pollutants, whether it’d be smoke, dust, smog or fumes all have a negative influence on the health of our hair, which is why taking the right steps to nurture and care for your locks will go a long way in saving them from unnecessary damage.

Although there’s no escape from pollution, there are things you can do to prevent damage and protect your hair. Here are some tips to adopt to ensure your tresses remain nourished and moisturized.