Discover the Beauty Benefits of Cryotherapy

17th February 2020 // By Samantha Coles

Cryotherapy is available in the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo spa at Hotel de Paris, Monaco

Cryotherapy may sound a little out there — willingly subjecting yourself to below-freezing temperatures for a maximum of three minutes — but it is thought to have a whole host of benefits: reducing inflammation, increasing muscle recovery, boosting metabolism, strengthening the immune system, relieving mild insomnia and jetlag, and improving collagen levels and elasticity in the skin.

The Full Body

The benefits of cryotherapy include reducing inflammation and boosting metabolism

At the iconic Hotel de Paris in Monaco, cryotherapy is available in the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo spa. Whereas many cryotherapy sessions involve a body suit, the facilities here have two different chambers meaning you can go in with a plus one for moral support as well as getting the full body benefits. Wearing nothing but your swimsuit, thick socks, gloves and a mask to cover your ears, nose and mouth, you’ll enter the first chamber. It is minus 60 degrees and you’ll spend 10 seconds here before being instructed to move into the next chamber. It is set to -110 degrees and you can spend up to three minutes in. The entire time you’re in the chambers, there is music playing and you can see the therapist through the large windows and can choose to leave at any time. The result? You’ll feel energized, brighter and your skin will be clear and glowing as the extreme temperatures help to eliminate toxins and encourage cell renewal.

From $60 per session,

The Facial

A combination of heat and cold is your best bet for skin that glows for not just hours after your facial, but days. At the New York Dermatology Group or (NYDG) on Fifth Avenue in New York, gentle microdermabrasion, cryotherapy, and LED light therapy are all combined to create a medical-grade treatment. Expect tightened pores, smooth, purified skin and results that stay with you long after you’ve left the pristine facility.


The At-Home Solution

For a targeted at-home solution, try Teresa Tarmey’s cryo ball. The surgical-grade steel ball is small but mighty and will leave your skin feeling brilliantly refreshed. Keep it in the fridge and gently roll it all over your face — it works wonders on puffy, dehydrated skin and helps eliminate any dullness. It’s particularly lovely to use after a flight, or a long day in the city. It contains freeze-retaining fluids and the cold temperature paired with the rolling technique also helps to sculpt saggy skin.

From $265,