An Extraordinary Collaboration: The Macallan and URWERK

The Macallan x URWERKIt’s not often a Scotch whisky maker embarks on a collaborative project with a luxury watchmaker, but this is exactly the journey The Macallan has set out on by partnering up with Swiss watchmaker URWERK. This latest collaboration taken on by the whisky specialists has resulted in the creation of The Macallan x URWERK Flask, which has been visualized and engineered by the luxury watchmakers.

With the desire to provide something truly unexpected and extraordinary, The Macallan turned to URWERK to realize this vision. Naturally, the finished product reflects the watchmaker’s expertise, The Macallan x URWERKcomprising as many as 156 parts, resulting in a flask that excels in usability as well as its collectible credentials. By combining the knowledge of their two different fields, The Macallan and URWERK have created a product that proves their combined creativity and skill, transforming a simple object into one that’s far more extraordinary.

Crafted from aluminium, titanium and stainless steel, the flask encompasses twin tanks to enable it to hold two different whiskies, winglets to create a stand, and cask indicators to display the
age and wood type of the spirits inside. The spring-loaded directional mouthpiece makes it easy to switch between the two tanks, and the cap has integrated ball-clickers, which snap into a small recess to hold it open The Macallan x URWERKwhile pouring. This is then presented in a custom design box.

This exciting new collaboration ultimately brings together the fine craftsmanship that both The Macallan and URWERK take pride in. Founded in 1824, the Scotch whisky producer has established a reputation for producing award-winning single malt whiskies, which are revered for both their quality and character. And having been established in 1997 and since risen to prominence in haute horologie, URWERK compliment this tradition with expertise in cutting edge design.

The Macallan x URWERK Flask is limited to just 500 worldwide, and is priced at $2,430 (based on the current exchange rate).