Alicia Brion Jewels Showcases Unique Brooch Designs

Having spent the majority of her young life in Antwerp, Alicia Brion was consistently exposed to the historic heart of the diamond industry, where the original form of polishing was born in the 15th century.

She had always appreciated the delicacy and refinement of precious gemstones as well as their strength and timeless presence.

Alicia’s source of inspiration for the creativity of her designs is her mother, who has devoted herself to the well-being and physical health of women. Alicia harnessed this appreciation for the female form and decided to apply it to her jewelry collection.

Directly after graduating from a Business management degree, she acquired several degrees from the Gemological Institute of America, which gave her the confidence and technical knowledge to launch the brand, Alicia Brion Jewels, focusing solely on fine brooches.

Using the female sensuality, as her subject, the intention was to find a balance between sophistication and provocation, which up to now, brooches have never reflected. She created these unique and particularly daring designs with the deliberate intention of inspiring younger generations to appreciate the infinite versatility and potential of brooches.

Now permanently based in London, she has developed her network of local artisans and craftsmen, with whom she closely works on each piece. Putting together the right team was of paramount importance to achieve the highest levels of quality at all times. All pieces are hand made in London by a small team of highly skilled and experienced craftsmen.

Now in her mid 20’s, Alicia is proud to share her inaugural collection of fine brooches, “La Femme”, made of the most precious gemstones and gold.

(Source: Alicia Brion)