Aaron Basha Launches Children’s Jewelry Range

aaron-basha_-462x302Renowned jeweler Aaron Basha, represented by Masterpiece by king fook, has launched a range of enamel jewelry for the forthcoming Children’s Day.

The range includes the brand’s signature “baby shoes” and pieces in the shapes of cute animals and firefighting heroes.

Founder Aaron Basha employs the motto “every day should be a holiday to celebrate life”; in practice, he celebrates love, life and family through his unique creations, which make ideal gifts for those who want to send their heartfelt greeting and gratitude to others.

Animals series

The series includes pals from the sea: the cute little crabs that walk sideways; cute teddies, charming kittens, gluttonous rabbits and bone-licking dogs; and those that dance in the air: the beautifully dressed butterflies and dragonflies that are gifted with large eyes.

Firefighting heroes series

This is a series that portrays the courageous firefighters in bright-colored protective uniforms who set off on fire engines for their mission to save lives.

Leather strap bracelets

These are hip and brisk-looking fine calfskin bracelets that come with Aaron Basha’s signature “baby shoes” pendants.


With this series, it is totally up to the wearer’s imagination to decide what combination she wants to put together to make a one-of-a-kind bracelet or necklace. Now available with the new tooth fairy pendants.

Aaron Basha’s jewelry is sold exclusively at Masterpiece by king fook.