Core by Clare Smyth
Cuisine: British
Standout Dish: Lamb Braised Carrot
New Entry
Michelin Stars: 2
Head Chef: Jonny Bone
Address: 92 Kensington Park Road, London, W11 2PN
Phone:+44 20 3937 5086

The vibe at Core is different to what you might expect; Smyth calls it “casual luxury,” taking humble ingredients like the potato or carrot (the Lamb Carrot, a dish of braised lamb but with the carrot taking center stage, is one of Core’s signatures) and “flipping it on its head” to create sustainable haute cuisine.

“I’m British and I really wanted us to be a British fine dining restaurant. They are two things that don’t necessarily go together as British food is traditionally more rustic in style.”

The blend of high-end and casual is in a refreshing twist that adds to Core’s atmosphere. Smyth wants everyone who comes in to have a good time and to make sure diners relax enjoy themselves, something that she thinks is more important than winning awards.

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