Standout Dish: “Chilacayotes” (squash) in home mole, charred torilla, basil, lemon, thyme and sprouts
Last Year's Position: #78
Head Chef: Jorge Vallejo
Address: Newton No. 55, Miguel Hidalgo, Polanco, 11560 Ciuedad de México, D.F., Mexico
Phone:+52 55 5280 1660

Located in the well-heeled and leafy district of Polanco, Quintonil focuses on fresh seasonal and local produce to evoke Mexico’s signature flavors in contemporary renditions of traditional dishes.

Rhe restaurant opened in 2012 and is run by Chef Jorge Vallejo and his wife Alejandra Flores, who runs the front of house.

An innovator, Chef Jorge Vallejo effortlessly combines the local ingredients with exciting cooking techniques to create a seamless elevation of Mexican cuisine.

The menu demonstrates Vallejo’s ability to rework traditional dishes into new concepts, such as the signature dish, “chilacayotes” – a childhood favorite dish of Vallejo. While the traditional version is cooked with pork, Vallejo’s dish retains only vegetarian features.

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