Victor’s Fine Dining
Standout Dish: 4x Langoustine
Last Year's Position: #43
Michelin Stars: 3
Head Chef: Christian Bau
Address: Schloßstraße 27 -29, 66706 Perl-Nennig, Germany
Phone:+49 6866 79 118

A string of accolades has given Victor’s Fine Dining a glowing reputation as one of Germany’s best restaurants. The conceptual ‘Carte Blanche’ menu leaves guests in the talented hands of Christian Bau, giving his creativity free rein. Expect contemporary fish and meat dishes, characterized by deep hearty flavors laced with Asian influences.

Andy Hayler Favorite:

“My last visit…was my third time here, and I experienced another dazzling meal. There is no longer an à la carte menu: you specify your preferences in advance, and the kitchen then prepares a menu for you based on the best available produce. The Asian influence seems to be rising in chef Christian Bau’s cooking. As ever, the quality of ingredients was impeccable, seasoning precise and technical execution faultless. The flow of the meal moved up and down in terms of richness—the balance of textures and the control of these complex dishes was outstanding. This is cooking of the highest order.”

(Image credit: Lukas Kirchgasser)

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