Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud
Standout Dish: Blue Lobster Ravioli
Last Year's Position: #72
Michelin Stars: 2
Head Chef: Patrick Guilbaud
Address: 21 Upper Merrion Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
Phone:+353 1 6764192

The legendary Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud opened in 1981 and since then has won every major food award going.

Currently in the hands of chef Guillaume Lebrun, the restaurant has held its two Michelin stars for the last fifteen years. It remains the only two-star restaurant in Ireland and offers a wine list every bit as impressive as the food.

Highlights include the Clogher Head lobster ravioli, caramelized veal sweetbreads and the assiette au chocolat. Beside the main dining room, a heated terrace overlooks the 16th century garden of The Merrion Hotel and provides a charming spot for a digestif and cigar.

(Image Credit: Restaurant Patrick Guildbaud)

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