Pierre Gagnaire
Standout Dish: Lacquered Duck, Red Pepper, Turnip and Date Sheet
Last Year's Position: #16
Michelin Stars: 3
Head Chef: Pierre Gagnaire
Address: 6 Rue Balzac, 75008 Paris, France
Phone:+33 1 5836 1250

Tired of heavy French classics? Yearning for premium ingredients arranged in an exciting, innovative way? Then Pierre Gagnaire, the center point of the superstar chef’s worldwide restaurant group, is the place for you.

Taste bizarre and beautiful combinations of flavors from all over the globe in this stylish location, where the artistry of the plates is complemented by the plush slate-grey tones of the interior décor.

Particularly appealing is the tasting menu, which includes such dishes as porterhouse steak enrobed in a jus of beef tongue with tamarind, accompanied by butternut squash marmalade.

(Image Credit: Thomas Duval, Jacques Gavard) 

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