Osteria Francescana
Standout Dish: 'Oops! I Dropped The Lemon Tart'
Last Year's Position: #5
Michelin Stars: 3
Head Chef: Massimo Bottura
Address: Via Stella 22, Modena, Italy
Phone:+39 059 223 912

Since opening in 1995, the legendary Osteria Francescana has received three Michelin stars and continues to offer innovative, playful and perfectly presented dishes in the city of Modena.

Guests are greeted by bookshelves and contemporary art, and the subdued lighting, relaxed music and minimalist décor create a tranquil ambience.

Chef Massimo Bottura’s menus include a full a la carte menu or the choice of two tasting menus titled ‘tradition in evolution’ and ‘sensations’. They feature an array of modern classics which showcase Bottura’s taste for the unexpected, from a foie gras ‘ice lolly’ with balsamic filling and toasted almonds and hazelnuts coating, to the Italian chef’s now iconic ‘five ages of Parmesan’ dish.

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