Standout Dish: Venus clams and fudge from blackcurrant wood
Head Chef: René Redzepi
Address: Noma, Refshalevej 96, 1432 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Nordic cuisine was once virtually unknown among food critics and gastronomes, so Noma caused something of a stir when it began topping best restaurant lists a few years ago.

Its aim is to showcase the very best of Nordic food, so guests can expect local delicacies like Icelandic skyr curd and Greenland musk ox.

Everything about the restaurant is Danish, from the location in an old industrial building to the locally produced salts, pickles and vegetables.

You’ll find Noma on the Greenlandic Trading Square, the center of Danish trade across Scandinavia for more than 200 years.

(Image Credit: Mikkel Heriba and Peter Brinch) 

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