Standout Dish: Northern German sandwich Stulle with raw beef & Büsum shrimps - Remoulade, lemon & garden cres
Last Year's Position: #31
Michelin Stars: 3
Head Chef: Sven Elverfeld
Address: Ritz-Carlton Wolfsburg, Parkstrasse 1, 38440 Wolfsburg, Germany
Phone:+49 53 61 60 6056

Simple and sophisticated are the overruling themes at Aqua which, having been awarded three Michelin stars, has proven itself among the elite ranks of the gourmet dining world.

The restaurant’s sleek and elegant art deco design is mirrored in Head Chef Sven Elverfeld’s menu, which reinvents classic European dishes to produce visually stunning creations.

The artistic grandeur and attention to detail combined with impeccable service continue to amaze its loyal fans again and again.

(Image Credit: Uwe Spörl)

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