Elite Traveler Summer 2019


25 Object of desire

Lalique’s one-of-a-kind barrique celebrates Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey’s anniversary

26 Motoring

A trio of customizable vehicles encourage you to design your own automobile

28 Yachts

The evolution of Wally and the yachts that have set the standard for the industry


29 Aviation

The VistaJet Wine Program is the first-ever wine club in the sky

30 Design

We raise a glass to an art installation of 200 hand-painted champagne bottles

31 Wine & Spirits

The evolution of Wally and the yachts that have set the standard for the industry


36 Men’s fashion

Pastel hues and classic suiting see you through summer and beyond

38 Men’s watches

We look at some of the mechanical innovations of calendar watches

41 Women’s fashion

Boho prints and denim delights are elevated on the runways this season

44 Women’s watches

Skeleton watches combine creative flair with complicated techniques

46 Jewelry

Gems inspired by the ocean and dreamy floral blooms

48 Destination style

We check out the home of smart tailoring: Savile Row in London

49 The voyager

Kanazawa, Japan holds a special place in chef Eric Ripert’s heart

50 Craftsmanship

Behind the scenes at the Saint-Louis crystal workshop, in operation since 1586

52 Accessories

We perfectly pair men’s accessories with our favorite spirits

56 Fashion

Historic Greenwich, London, plays host to our annual men’s style issue’s fashion shoot


66 Jean-Georges Vongerichten
We sit down with the chef credited with reinventing French cuisine

68 Richard Paterson
‘The nose’ unveils the rarest whisky The Dalmore has ever produced, while talking about his legacy

70 Steph Dutton

One of Penfold’s esteemed winemakers dispels the myths surrounding re-corking

71 Stockton Rush
The founder of OceanGate on the scientific goals of his journey to the RMS Titanic


76 Top 100 restaurants

The gastronomic destinations you and your peers are loving this year

98 Top cars

The latest and greatest vehicles that define the leading automobile brands in the world


114 Top suites: Tokyo
Japan’s bustling capital is home to some exceptional suites

124 Destination guides

Relax in the verdant landscapes of Napa Valley, USA and Lake Como, Italy

134 New hotels
A Himalayan adventure at Six Senses Bhutan, and the unveiling of the grande dame, Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo

136 The hot list

A Swiss wine festival that only happens once every 20 years and Apollo 11’s 50th Anniversary

140 Elite luxury homes
Notable properties in the French Alps, Italy’s Tuscan hills, Los Angeles and New York City

144 Flight of fancy
A serene lunch among a flock of flamingos

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