Top Private Jets for Great Escapes

by Dave Higdon

Whether you are looking for a jet to land on a short, dirt runway, need to transport a corporate team across the globe, or are an avid pilot looking for some thrills in the air, Elite Traveler has the top private jets suited to you.

Gulfstream G650ER

Best jet for: Ringing in the New Year…on both coasts

There’s something appealing about the idea of ringing in a New Year on the East Coast, then hopping in a fast jet to toast the New Year again on the West Coast — and the G650ER delivers both the speed and reach to make it happen. With a range approaching 8,650 miles, the G650ER has earned accolades for its long reach. And its cruise speed — a smoking 652 mph — makes it just possible to drink the champagne toast in Boston and repeat the celebration less than four hours later in Seattle — but you may need to use the G650ER’s higher cruise speed of Mach 0.925, or 710 mph, to give yourself a little cushion on that leg. And why don’t you invite a load of friends to the fête — because in the G650ER, you can. If New Year’s Eve parties lack appeal, just stick a pin in a globe. There’s almost no place on the planet the G650ER can’t reach nonstop.

The Numbers

Price: $66.5m
Passengers: 19
Range: 7,500 nm
Max speed: 710 mph
Landing distance: 3,000 ft
Operating cost: $4,848 per hour

Photos: Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

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