The Future Afloat


Fresh from its successful debut at the recent Monaco Yacht Show (where it was certified by the Registro Italiano Navale as one of the quietest yachts ever built), the 131-foot Cacos V exudes an almost military vibe with cutting-edge décor and technology that serves as the signature of Italian yacht design firm Admiral Tecnomar.

Chairman Giovanni Costantino said, “Cacos V perfectly embodies our vocation for excellence that distinguishes our work: It is a jewel of design and technique, and the RINA certification is the full demonstration of our ability to constantly innovate and improve the standards of the market.”


Replete with a shimmering bronze-hued hull, large living and dining areas, a bow-located Owner’s Suite with its own office and full-beam cabin, and four guest cabins, Cacos V was designed in conjunction with naval architect Luca Dini and interior firm Group Style Center.

Admiral Tecnomar Marketing’s Federica Lo Franco