The 15 Most Expensive Cars Ever Built

Pagani Zonda C12 F $667,321

Pagani Zonda C12-F-52

Introduced in 2005 as a continuation of the line of Zonda cars first released in 1999, the Zonda C12 F remains one of the most expensive and fastest machines available.

One of two Zondas on this list, the C12 F provides a unique shape to maximize speed and aerodynamic efficiency. With a 7.3 liter engine capacity and a weight of 2,711lb, Pagani’s desire to produce a supercar powerhouse shines through.

The Zonda’s Mercedes Benz engine is comfortable in exceeding 200mph when at full throttle and despite a 0-60 speed nearer to four than three seconds, the Zonda remains a lusted after supercar.

Crafted out of carbon fiber, do not expect much change from $700,000.