The 15 Most Expensive Cars Ever Built

McLaren F1Since the automobile was first invented, there has always been a blossoming fascination with the most elite methods of land travel.

Whether as a yardstick for future endeavors or simply for a piece of mechanical eye-candy, many look upon the “most expensive car in the world” tag as one to be cherished.

Justifying a price tag of over a million dollars is sometimes difficult to comprehend. Yes, of course many of these supercars use finer materials than other high-performance vehicles but there must be other elements that contribute to seven figure charges.

Many manufacturers will only produce a handful of each super model per year or even at all and exclusivity is, understandably, an attractive quality to the extremely rich. Nevertheless, whether manufacturers intend to produce two or 200 units, the aura around these top end machines remains.

There are some older vehicles whose iconic stature and scarcity combines to fetch frightening prices at auction houses all over the world. Performance is a desirable asset but at this top end, so many of the most expensive cars available have very similar speed statistics. Some evoke memories from films and TV shows, others come from defunct supercar stables and there are many with a strong racing heritage.

In August 2011 a Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa- an iconic multiple winner of 24 Hours of Le Mans in the late 1950s and early 60s- was sold for $16,390,000 — over four times the value of the most expensive consumer car on this list.

There is no doubt that in decades to come some of the highest fliers on this particular countdown will be as keenly sought as the vintage models currently fetching major sums from collectors.