The 10 Most Expensive BMWs Ever Built

BMW X6 G-Power Typhoon S


Taking the X6 M and tinkering with the formula, G-Power managed to incorporate and new body kit with front bumper, vented hood and carbon fiber rear diffuser. G-Power also managed to drop the Typhoon S 30 mm with a new suspension- all of which is intended to make the most of the X6’s aerodynamic gifts.

Not only is the Typhoon S aerodynamically impressive, the 2011 build also weighs in as a major player in the cost stakes- G-Power are asking for a wallet shredding $440,000 for the 186 mph speedster.

With instantly recognisable flared wheel arches adding significant bulk to a car already packing a visual punch, the Typhoon also benefits from a flared hood- another example of G-Power taking their aerodynamic policy to new levels.

Despite the G-Power fitted body kit on the Typhoon S being regarded as one of the more expensive packages on the market, the overall value of the car is only enough for a eighth place on this list.