The 10 Most Expensive BMWs Ever Built

BMW X6 MG Power Typhoon WideBodyThere are few car manufacturers whose name immediately screams quality regardless of the vehicle they have produced.

However, German manufacturer BMW are not only afforded such a privilege in motoring circles, but they have also reached an iconic level of recognition and success all over the globe.

The motoring factory, which ticks towards 100 years in business, is the epitome of style and cool and continues to see production numbers rocket year on year.

Quality is understandably expensive, and the most costly cars carrying the BMW badge are not simply the latest speed merchants- comfort, style and exclusivity are complicit in the generation of a sky high asking price.

This reputation has been enhanced in no small part by appearances in video games, films and through a raft of famous personnel adopting the German manufacturers as their garage of choice.

George Foreman is not only famous for his meat grilling machine and his status as the oldest man to ever capture a heavyweight world title- the entrepreneur is also a proud BMW owner as shown when he debuted the 2005 BMW 760LI.

David Blaine, Katy Perry and Eva Longoria are other famous faces to have shown affection for BMW vehicles in recent years.

The ultimate stamp of authenticity, the iconic blue and white logo and its origin has often been the subject of some debate.

Dr. Florian Triebel Executive Board Member of BMW AG sums up the difference in opinion:

“There are two traditions concerning the significance of the BMW logo and trademark, offering two different interpretations of its sky blue and white fields. One interpretation points to a rotating propeller. The other relates the BMW logo to Bavaria as the place where the products are manufactured”.

Either way, ever since the 1929 Dix became the first BMW to spot the famous logo it has been a standard bearer for quality, comfort and no little speed.

Many vehicles on this list owe both their optimised performance and premium price tags to G-Power- the German car tuning manufacturer based in Bavaria.

G-Power were formed in 1983 and have worked closely with BMW to push the speed envelope as far as possible. The result? A series of extremely powerful, and expensive engines.