The 10 Fastest Porsches Of All Time

Porsche-918-SpyderWhen it comes to brand identity few manufacturers can rival Porsche for a singular dedication to speed and style.

Although recent years has seen an increase in more family friendly concepts and adaptations, a mere glimpse of the famous Stuttgart coat of arms elicits memories of favorite models and iconic images.

Despite financial hardship in other areas of the economy, Porsche have continued to register improved sales year on year. No doubt this is down, to some extent, to the prevailing cultural influence of a brand that has seen ventures into motorsport, films and video games strengthen the position of the company.

Initially conceived as a vehicle consultation and development company, Ferdinand Porsche did not develop a car of his own until 1939 when he constructed three Porsche 64s as entrants for that year’s Berlin-Rome road race.

The fledgling automobile company were, like many manufacturers of the age, pressed into service during World War II. Their efforts contributed to the development of the Elefant tank destroyer.

Porsche’s post-war growth was slow as the legacy of conflict was felt across Germany. Development in the late 1940s and early 1950s relied on a strong relationship between Porsche and Volkswagen as they shared parts and development.

Porsche died in 1951- handing the reins over to his son, Ferry, who developed the first cars uniquely associated with the Porsche brand. His involvement led to the 1963 release of the original Porsche 911.

The model is given extra credence by its popularity with famous faces such as Tom Cruise, David Beckham and Steve McQueen all naming the 911 among their favorite cars.

Each new model is invariably compared to classics of the past- the Porsche 911 continues to be revered more than 50 years after the first version was made available to consumers.

Changes in the industry have meant that recent models of the same car share little more than a name, however the 911 remains one of the most iconic lines in motoring today.

Technological developments have meant that in recent years, speed has become king and cars released since Ferry Porsche’s death in 1998 figure prominently in our countdown of the top 15 fastest examples of the German sports car.