The 10 Fastest BMWs of All Time

BMW M8 Prototype (E31)Now known as a synonym for comfort, luxury and driver enjoyment, German car manufacturer BMW holds a special place in the motor industry.

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Ever since the manufacturer began to churn out engines in 1917, flexibility and adaptability have come top of the company’s list of attributes with production efficiency and high sales a prerequisite.

Inevitably then, speed is often tempered by the need for affordability and style — something the German based manufacturer knows all too well. The iconic logo — automatically synonymous with the brand, derived from the flag of Bavaria, and evolved from the now defunct Rapp Motorenwerke — is a stamp of quality.

The manufacturer’s first car — the 3/15 — was released in four versions between 1927 and 1932. Perhaps understandably, the vehicle’s top speed, 45mph, is nearly 200mph down on the speed generated by the vehicles on this list. By the end of the next decade, the 328 Roadster had begun to put form, function and style on the same shelf as hearts were set racing with its sleek white design and 93mph top speed.

Post-war growth slowed, but by the early 1960s, BMW was truly a world leader in automotive design and innovation. Speed and aesthetics continued to sit hand in hand with comfort and driver satisfaction proving other implements in the BMW toolbox. Top speeds leapt into the hundreds and 0-60 times shrank as performance figures began to reflect an industry that was flourishing fast.

The legend behind the BMW also began to grow. Their presence in films such as Splash, Pretty Woman and of course the James Bond series soon established the manufacturer as a cool product. Employing over a 100,000 people and churning out nearly one and a half million units per year, BMW is not built in the same way as some of the supercar manufacturers that dominate many of the fastest cars countdowns.

The appeal of the BMW to the consumer is unsated. Perhaps this is due to the experience and know how garnered over nearly 100 years of production, or perhaps it is because the iconic brand produces extremely fast and powerful cars at a less than premium price. Recent years have seen the traditional car manufacturer move into new areas and into partnership with other developers and manufacturers, but this has simply seen brand fascination grow.

By 2010 BMW was producing over 110,000 motorcycles and had become a market leader. That is not to say that the newly released cars don’t pack a punch. They do. As the following roll of honor attests, BMW remains at the forefront when it comes to chasing raw speed.