Metrojet Announces Partnerships with MedAire and AGlaze

MetrojetMetrojet, a leading provider of business aircraft services in Asia, has announced new business partnerships with globally-recognised MedAire Inc. and AGlaze, highlighting the company’s constant determination to enhance operational excellence.

Metrojet has entered a partnership agreement with MedAire Inc., the global leader in aviation medical and travel risk management services. Since 1985, MedAire Inc. has been assisting passengers and crew around the world with 24/7 medical advice and assistance services.

Metrojet is the first Hong Kong based business jet operator engaging MedAire’s full suite of medical, security, and travel safety products and services. “MedAire’s expertise in medical services extends Metrojet’s commitment to delivering 6-star business aviation services to our clients with uncompromising approach to safety and operational excellence,” said Björn Näf, Chief Executive Officer of Metrojet.

“Metrojet’s commitment to safety and customer service is evident in every aspect of their business,” said Grant Jeffery, CEO of MedAire. “Backed by MedAire’s global assistance network, Metrojet’s clients will receive peace of mind that health, security and logistics expertise is available 24/7, wherever their travels take them.”

Metrojet has also partnered with AGlaze, a UK based company, and their Asian operations, Synergy Asia AGlaze, specializing in protective coatings that help protect an aircraft’s paintwork from harsh environments such as extreme temperature changes, changing weather conditions and the sun’s UV rays at high altitudes.

AGlaze provides an extremely cost effective method of maintaining both the appearance and performance of all aircraft types. The sealant system more than doubles the paint life of long haul airliners, makes it far easier to keep clean and reduces down time, as well as helps protect aircraft against acid rain, oxidisation and fallout, snow and ice.

(Source: Metrojet Ltd.)