Introducing the Bugatti Niniette 66 Luxury Yacht

As the manufacturer of the world’s most powerful and exclusive production super sports car, Bugatti is celebrated globally for its contribution to the automobile industry. And now, the luxury French brand is pushing the boundaries again by teaming up with the prestigious yacht manufacturer Palmer Johnson to produce the Bugatti Niniette 66; the first in a series of innovative yachts by the two brands, this model will combine the two companies’ expertize in design, technology and performance.

Taking inspiration from the iconic super car Bugatti Chiron, this limited edition yacht will exhibit the signature engineering traits of Bugatti, from its accentuated center line and symmetry to its signature sweeping curve. And this is combined with the design traits Palmer Johnson have become known for, including the use of advanced materials like carbon.

After coming up with their collaborative design for the new yacht, the two companies presented their idea to a number of potential buyers who expressed an interest in it exhibiting a closer resemblance to the Bugatti Chiron; this was the beginning of the Bugatti Niniette 66 and its distinct design.

In addition to its daring aesthetics, the 20-meter-long yacht boasts the innovative hull design developed by Palmer Johnson, ensuring enhanced stability and offering the experience of a much larger yacht, with the extensive use of carbon fiber to reduce its weight and increase efficiency.

The yacht’s spacious open deck then reflects Bugatti’s focus on craftsmenship through the use of carbon fibre along with fine leather and blue morta oak wood, while the lower part of the deck encompasses a Jacuzzi, sun pad and champagne bar, which sits between two social areas accommodating up to 12 guests, and alongside a centrally located fire pit.

Below deck, the spacious interior brings together polished metal, carbon, leather and marble, with a large Bugatti horseshow seating area at its heart, a macaron-shaped window for natural light to come streaming in through, and a luxurious master suite. And just like with Bugatti’s other models, the interior and exterior are both customizable.

With just as much attention paid to performance, the yacht’s slim main hull translates to high speeds with lower input power and fuel burn, and the side sponsons ensure increased stability at rest; the yacht reaches top speeds of 44 knots, with a shallow draft of 0.83 meters.

From $4 million.