Helitaly’s Unique Offering for Travel in Italy

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Founded by a good taste lovers’ entrepreneur group, with the purpose of sharing known Italian treasures and rediscovered forgotten ones, Helitaly provides not only tailor made helicopter flights, but a vast set of eno-gastronomy, sightseeing and sport related Helicopter Experiences. All promise everlasting memories of an Italian journey, to fit in any work or leisure schedule, designed to enhance the senses.

Our mission is to serve our guests with excellence and provide them with a reliable, consistent, and watchful assistance. We pledge to regain Italian luxury, engaging with bespoke service providers to ensure the highest and strictest quality standards, and providing an authentic and unique experience in every one of our services.

Whether for leisure or business, we vow to provide the most convenient and comfortable solution to meet every need, based around our guests interests and schedule, and evoking sensations that will surpass all expectations. In these and myriad other ways, Helitaly consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Offering everlasting moments through impeccable service and excellence is our main goal. With a highly skilled and motivated staff, we anticipate our guests’ needs to ensure a seamless, and beyond imagined experience, safeguarding our clients’ discretion and privacy throughout.

Based in the design and fashion capital of the world, we understand luxury, and we know how to deliver it, seeking the best way to provide the highest standard of quality.

In Helitaly, we strongly believe that diversity is the key to understanding better the needs of our sophisticated global clients, and therefore serving them better. That is why our team is integrated by dynamic and passionate professionals from vast international backgrounds.

With safety our number one priority, our personnel deploy all necessary measures to guarantee safety and security on the ground and in the air, selecting only the best service partners.

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