Golden Key – the Key to your Car is Exclusivity

Golden Key AsiaSelected Jewels – a German firm specialising in the production and retail of exquisite and breath-taking jewellery – is proud to present an innovative and original masterpiece: the Golden Key.

A Mercedes Benz car key made out of solid gold, this handcrafted treasure is inset with 300 cut diamonds totalling 3.14 carat and made in Germany.

The wishes of a discerning and select clientele need know no limits: rose, white and yellow gold plus platinum are available and a full range of brilliant high-class gemstones.

There is also an option to have it personally engraved, make each of these highly sought-after pieces of jewelry unique.

The concept is to supplant the standard plastic key, instead creating harmony between the bespoke Golden Key and the elegant luxurious vehicle. In this way, the personality and individual style of each car owner can be accentuated.

Just as the fit-out of a car can be finessed by choosing the highest quality wood and other materials, a key can also now be crafted to the desires of the owner.

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