Flying Fabulous


Milan-based furniture and interior designers Visionnaire (funded by the Cavalli family) has given its distinctly whimsical vibe of tufted residential opulence a new home in the sky.

Working with aviation firm Blu Jet Capital and a team of UK-based aviation designers, this project, dubbed Open Air, comprises the refitting of private jets in the firm’s signature style.

The first aircraft project is a 12-seat Dornier 328VBJ that not only features a plush interior redux, but also carries the brand’s logo and style points on the fuselage.

“The secret is in the personalization,” Visionnaire CEO Leopold Cavalli told us. “Our client loves collecting unique pieces, possibly handcrafted, with applications of unique and precious materials.

“Each of our jet projects is unique and respects the same criteria we offer our clients for big residential projects.”

Visionnaire has already received interest from other clients in the Emirates, and plans for Open Air include a worldwide expansion as well as the redesign of large-airframe jet interiors.

Visionnaire CEO Leopold Cavalli