Ferraris Designed For Everyday Driving

by Alexandra Cheney

Ferrari isn’t exactly synonymous with daily drivers; two of its models, though — the GTC4Lusso T and the Portofino — debunk that notion.

Deep within Ferrari lore, it is known that the strong-browed, brilliantly coiffed Enzo Ferrari preferred automobiles that transported him to the track over ones that raced on it.

Despite the fact that his company cemented its status as the ultimate builder of street-legal race cars, Il Drake personally favored Prancing Horse’s Grand Tourers, like the 250 GT/E or the 330 GT: sports cars meant to be packed with weekenders, golf bags and beach towels, then driven up mountain passes and down to coastal hamlets.

The Ferrari Portofino ready for action

Paradoxically enough, a stigma has long trailed Ferrari’s 2+2s. The arrival of the GTC4Lusso T, the FF’s successor and Ferrari’s first V8 turbo-powered four-seater, as well as the Portofino, a stealth roadster that serves as the replacement to the California T (the best-selling vehicle in Ferrari’s 71-year history), could resolutely settle the issue.

To test this, Elite Traveler worked the duo of cars through their paces on Southern California’s coast.

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