Driving Impressions: The New Range Rover

The All-New Range Rover

By Mike Espindle

I've just spent an unforgettable weekend test driving the stunning new Range Rover based at the equally stunning Amangiri resort in Southern Utah.

The rocky, ever changing topography proved an apt location to put this “king” of luxury SUVs through its paces. More details will appear in my Mar/Apr issue Test Drive column, but let's just say that the folks at Range Rover are masters at making a good thing even better. Especially in its ultimate expression, the new Range Rover Autobiography, the vehicle blends together a sea of supple leather with a throaty supercharged engine. A new stabilizing system helps flatten out the beefy vehicle (although use of stiff aluminum has significantly reduced the weight from the previous version) on long looping curves. A delight to drive.

With Land Rover's crack team of off-road instructors I took to the surly terrain in Hog Valley outside of Canab to torture test the mud-loving side of the Range Rover. I did things no one who pays this kind of a price ($83,000 to over $100,000) for an SUV would ever do, but it is nice to know that sometimes the best car on the road can also be the best car when there is no road. More to come in the next issue of Elite Traveler.

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