Best Private Jets


New variants in Boeing’s commercial jets spell the arrival of a new family of biz jet options for Boeing Business Jet customers. The first to arrive will be the BBJ Max 8.

Plans to upgrade the existing BBJ2 and BBJ3 commercial-airframe private jets around the new Boeing 737 Max 8 and Max 9 models was officially confirmed at this year’s NBAA conference in Orlando by BBJ President Captain Steve Taylor. Dubbing them the BBJ Max family, Taylor also shared that a business jet variant of the 737 Max 7 was also being looked at. But for the time being, fans of large-cabin, long-range big boys can focus on the first-to-arrive BBJ Max 8, which replaces the existing BBJ 2.

“We anticipate the BBJ Max 8 will be a very strong seller as a VIP aircraft and will likely capture a larger share of the market because it’s the right combination of performance, space and comfort. For VIP customers, extended range and exceptional comfort are equally important. The BBJ Max (family) will ensure our customers get the best of both,” Taylor told us.

Indeed, range for the BBJ Max 8 will be 6,325NM, a longer range than the existing BBJ core aircraft and a bump of about 800NM from the existing BBJ 2 it will replace. The new jet takes advantage of the next generation CFM LEAP-1B, arguably the most efficient and advanced jet engine yet conceived. As for the interior, many VIP clients will undoubtedly make good use of the 1,000 square feet of interior space, perhaps mimicking the Aeroloft interior option specifically developed for the 747-8 by Greenpoint, which converts the entire upper deck into a spacious, open floor plan sleeping area for eight passengers: A kind of flying boutique hotel, if you will.