The 15 Most Expensive Ferraris Ever Built

By Elite Traveler

$30,000 1975-1989 Ferrari 308/328 GTB/GTS

1985 Ferrari 328 c. FERRARI SpA - the most expensive ferraris ever built

The ‘cheapest’ of our 15 most expensive Ferraris, the 1975-1989 Ferrari 308/328 GTB/GTS was made famous by TV detective Magnum P.I. in the early 80s and became the Ferrari of choice for Magnum wannabes and pin-striped traders on Wall Street.

The first of the 308/328 series, this model was available in both coupe and cabrio, with 240hp, 3.0-liter V8 mounted amidships and forms. The model designation stands for 3.0 liters and eight cylinders.