Airbus Launches VIP Widebody Concept

Airbus Corporate Jets is using its tried and tested A330/340 platform to launch the Airbus ACJ330 Summit, a plane that enables customers to fly “nonstop to the world,” according to David Velupillai of the company. This is no empty claim: the VIP jet can fly from Riyadh to Los Angeles.

Price was not disclosed, but the commercial version of an A330-200 runs about $220 million.

Velupillai says a key feature will be the ability to configure the cabin so the front half is in a VIP arrangement while the rear section can be outfitted with standard commercial airline business and economy seating.  The standard airline seats can be installed on the assembly line saving cost and time.  He noted for heads of state and billionaires, they often travel with large support teams and the Summit enables this to be efficiently accommodated.


With over 1,500 A330/340 airplanes in operations worldwide, Velupillai noted that wherever customers go they will find operators who can support the VIP version, an advantage over its rival Boeing 787.

In other news, ACJ is making life easier for elite travelers with a modular cabin design for its Airbus ACJ319. Billionaires who don’t want to spend lots of time on cabin design can choose pre-set bedrooms and crew rest areas then customize three mid-cabin areas with off-the-shelf arrangements that vary from dining areas to meeting rooms and offices.