Pierre Denis, CEO of Jimmy Choo

pierre denisPierre Denis is the CEO of Jimmy Choo. He talks to Elite Traveler about the brand’s vision, expansion plans and its brand ambassador, Nicole Kidman.

Elite Traveler: Can you please tell us about your background?

Pierre Denis: I’ve been happily working for LVMH for over 20 years. I’ve been with Jimmy Choo for a year and a half. Previous to that I had various positions within LVMH. I was CEO of Dior Fashion and Cosmetics, and most recently, CEO of the famous John Galliano. I’m very happy to be with Jimmy Choo.

ET: You had a great talk today, Can you please summarize what your vision is?

PD: Jimmy Choo is a fantastic brand that carries a lot of value and power. We feel accessories, specifically shoes, are very exciting and something very close to a woman’s heart.  We also feel this is a business where you need to be a very strong specialist. You need to know how to design and craft shoes. All of our shoes are made in Italy, with full dedication and expertise for each and every shoe.

ET: In terms of designers now, how has this progressed? 

PD: Since inception of the company, Sandra Choi is still our designer. Sandra has been designing since of the beginning of the company and is now officially Head of Design.

ET: As of now, what is the expansion plan for Jimmy Choo?

PD: We have been in Asia for a while, but our strength and success has been in the United States. Now it’s all about taking Asia very seriously. At the moment, our biggest expansion has been in Japan where ladies are falling in love with the biker boots. We hope to have the same success in Asia with different products, especially in China which is a new territory for us.

ET: How long has Nicole Kidman been your brand ambassador? How is this going?

PD: Nicole loves our product and brand. She has been with us for two seasons now and we have another upcoming project with her. We have many brand ambassadors around the world and will continue the global campaign. Nicole is elegant and strong, truly a Jimmy Choo woman.

ET: In your opinion, what do you think sets Jimmy Choo apart from other designers like Louboutins and Manolas?

PD: Most importantly, Jimmy Choo is a brand for women designed by women. There are very few in the world of luxury that can say that. Also, we are not a brand claiming a very strong identification. Our point of difference comes from creativity, styling and sexiness. I think these are the elements which make us different.