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In this guide, we celebrate the modern marvels designed to make our lives easier and more enjoyable.

By Alex Martin |  November 10 2020

best luxury tech gifts

Modern technology has been a huge part of our lives for years, but this year has shown that it is vital in almost everything we do. From working remotely to enjoying virtual yoga classes, we were all able to stay connected during lockdown thanks to the wonders of the internet. In this gift guide, we select the best luxury tech gifts that celebrate the modern marvels designed to make our lives easier and more enjoyable.

MB&F + L’Epée 1839, Tripod Clock

Watching the time go by becomes a joyful experience with this stunning clock. The TriPod has been inspired by an insect and forms part of MB&F’s trilogy (pictured above) of half-animal/half-robot creations. The name comes from the three legs, three insect-eye spheres, and three movement levels comprising the creature’s mechanical body. The hours and minutes are indicated by two concentric rotating disks and reading the time requires the observer to look through one of the three optical-grade spheres, each magnifying the clock’s numerals and making them legible. The clock is available in three neon colors ­­­– red, blue, green ­– with each limited to just 50 pieces.

22,500CHF (approx. $25,000),

Bose, Sleepbuds II

best luxury tech gifts

Few things are as vital to our wellbeing as the quality of our sleep, but so many things around the home seem intent on disrupting it. Now, technology has solved a problem of its own making in the form of the Bose Sleepbuds. These ultra-comfortable buds deliver relaxing sounds as you fall asleep and mask noises that would otherwise wake you up. Coming complete with a chargeable box, it is the perfect companion for the frequent flier.


Bang & Olufsen, Beolit 20

best luxury tech gifts

The market-leading Bluetooth speaker has been upgraded just in time for the holiday season, offering vastly improved battery life and wireless Qi charging. The design remains unchanged from its original 2012 model, but inside it houses the very latest in sound technology. Beolit 20 delivers clear, refined sound which fills the room thanks to True360 omnidirectional sound. It can also be paired with another Beolit 20 to further amplify to sound.


Gray, Vandium Stealth Titanium Wallet

best luxury tech gifts

Even the humble credit card holder has been given a hi-tech makeover this year. The Vandium Stealth claims to be the perfect wallet, stripping it down to its bear essentials and making it as perfect as modern technology will allow. This is a wallet made for today’s world, getting people ready for what is increasingly becoming a cashless society. It is made from aerospace grade titanium, internal carbon fiber plates, making it strong enough to last forever and light enough to feel invisible until you need it. The wallet can hold 15 cards and offers RFID protection (a form of electronic pickpocketing).


Samsung, Airdresser

Samsung AirDresser

The AirDresser can refresh multiple outfits at a time.

Imagine you get a last-minute invite to an important event; you go to your wardrobe and find your best suit still ruffled from its previous wear. It is too late for a dry clean, or is it? The Samsung Airdresser allows you to dry clean on demand.  It uses powerful air and steam to remove dust and germs, meaning your clothes are refreshed, clean and ready to wear in a matter of minutes. It can sanitize clothing to rid it of bacteria, viruses and allergens (this stage is particularly useful for linens and soft toys). There is a deodorizing filter that breaks down and removes odor-causing particles. Best of all, it cleans itself.


Jura, ENA 8

Short of hiring a full-time barista, the Jura ENA 8 is about as close to a coffee shop as you can get in your kitchen. This professional-level coffee machine uses innovative technology to deliver everything from a perfectly ground bean to the right froth on your milk. The beans are grounded using a patented system and a water filter ensures a pure cup of coffee.  An intuitive touchscreen allows users to choose from several different specialties which can be adjusted to your exact preferences.


Lenovo, X1 Fold Laptop

The folding computer screen was so long the stuff of sci-fi but has now become reality. Samsung have launched the first foldable phone while Lenovo have given us the world’s first folding laptop. The X1 Fold offers the ultimate in performance alongside tablet portability. The 13.3” OLED screen folds in the middle to allow for full laptop capability on the move. When you reach the office, it can connect to a smart keyboard to turn it into a fully-functioning desktop. The display’s wide color range & low power consumption mixed with a built-in heat spreader to distribute internal device heat powers you through a full day’s work, wherever you are.


Technogym, Skillbike

With winter around the corner, cyclists may find it harder to grab their bikes and get out the door. With the Skillbike from Technogym, you can bring the road inside. This claims to be the first stationary bike with real gear shifts, making it the most realistic indoor ride available. The shifters allow users to undertake realistic hill climbing simulations, bringing new dimensions to the indoor workout. It also provides tons of data and its integrated seven-inch LCD console allows you to process it in real-time.



Technology Gift Guide

Heading to a beach destination or on a yacht charter this winter? A SEABOB is a must for those wishing to make the most of the ocean. These amazing machines allow users to glide through the water and dive to depths of 130ft. The F5 SR is the top model, offering a 745 Newtons of thurst and the highest top speed of 14mph. The maximum dive depth can be set with pin protection to make it safe for all users and two HD cameras make sure you capture every second of fun.


Lift, eFoil

Technology Gift Guide

Another fantastic toy for yacht charters or beach vacations, the Lift eFoil is the first electric-powered hydrofoil surfboard that allows riders to fly over the water. Boasting the label of the world’s smallest personal watercraft, this adrenaline-inducing contraption allows users to experience the thrill of surfing even when there are no waves. Users enjoy up to an hour of emissions-free surfing on a single charge and a maximum speed of 25mph.


Node Audio, Hylixa

These ultra-premium speakers reimagine the way sound is delivered. Node Audio rebuilt the speaker from the ground up, meaning the internals of the Hylixa are radically different from the standard. The design is inspired by the sonic signature of the human head, providing the listener with a startlingly convincing sound. While the shape has been wholly influenced by the pursuit of perfect sound, the result is something far more attractive than your standard box speaker.


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